Tibetan Aid Project (TAP)

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Berkeley CA 94704
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Über uns

The Tibetan Aid Project is a global organization. Its nationwide support base, over ten thousand strong, is augmented by affiliates in Amsterdam, Holland, Köln, Germany, and São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. TAP volunteers in these countries educate the public and raise funds by organizing benefit dinners, making visual presentations and exhibits, and disseminating information on Tibetan culture and TAP. Like volunteers in Berkeley, they also produce prayer flags and engage in other projects that have a worthy purpose and convey the importance of preserving Tibetan culture. The Tibetan Aid Project (TAP) helps rebuild, preserve, strengthen, and perpetuate Tibet's cultural and spiritual heritage for the benefit of the Tibetan people and all humanity.

To achieve its mission, TAP

- provides financial support for monastic centers, lamas, monks, nuns, and lay people,
- sponsors ceremonies important to sustaining the lineages of all Tibetan Buddhist schools,
- funds production, shipping and distribution of sacred texts, art, and prayer wheels for donation to institutions and individuals,
- promotes awareness of Tibet's heritage through publications, presentations, exhibits, and the production and sale of culturally significant items.


- We value Tibet's ancient tradition of meditative insight into the potential of human consciousness, passed down from teacher to student as a living lineage for more than twelve centuries.
- We respect the knowledge that Tibet can offer the world as a means to secure peace on Earth and honor the worth of all beings.
- We apply in our work the practice of skillful means, making selfless action the basis of satisfaction and inner growth.
- We collaborate with a network of nonprofit Buddhist organizations, each working in its own way to preserve the heritage of Tibet.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.