Leben und Lernen in Kenia e.V. (LLK)

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95100 Selb

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Über uns

Live and Learn in Kenya NGO is a privately run non-government organization for needy children and youths living in the slums of Nakuru, Kenya. Our goal is to change the lives of the children in our program and open a door to the future. These extremely impoverished children receive all that they need to go to school and stay healthy.

Leben und Lernen in Kenia e. V. is the German name for Live and Learn in Kenya NGO. It is the registered, charity mother-organization of Live and Learn in Kenya International and is situated in Selb, Germany.

Purpose of the organization is the support and assistance to impoverished children and young people in Kenya. Through fundraising events, donations and sponsorships LLK provides 100% of the intake for the sole purpose of providing the needy children and youths in the LLK program with free welfare services, in particular for their educational necessities, the feeding program, HIV/AIDS and Hygiene Awareness seminars, medical/dental care, clothing and the foster child program. Our highest priority is providing the basis for dignity and self esteem.

Our work
• Live and Learn in Kenya finds sponsors to finance the education of needy children, which includes everything that the child needs in order to go to school — fees, uniform, shoes, textbooks, school supplies.
• We provide medical/dental care to all LLK-children — including check-ups and vaccinations.
• Our feeding program is also a huge success. With our "Feed a Smile" project we are able to assure nutritious warm lunches for over 400 children every day.

• Sponsoring: Sponsor a child and change a future! With just US$ 360 per year your sponsored child receives everything that he/she needs to go to school: school fees, mandatory uniform and shoes, books, school supplies and a warm meal every day.
• Constructions: Education center: Our goal is to construct a school center, where our program children will have the learning environment and possibilities to lead them into a brighter future and the possibility of a higher education.
• Feeding program: Feed a Smile – is the motto of our feeding program for over 400 children. The children receive a school lunch, but during school breaks and on weekends their parents usually do not know where the next meal is coming from. We provide these meals in a special way. With just US$ 125 a nutritious, warm meal is provided for the children. The mothers take turns cooking, serving and cleaning up – and rejoicing the fact that their children are being taken care of and receive a meal themselves. These "meal parties" can be donated for different occasions, for example as a birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc. present.
• HIV/AIDS and Hygiene Awareness – We provide medical care for our program children, but to protect them and their parents from the most serious and contagious diseases we organize HIV/AIDS and Hygiene Awareness seminars for the youths and parents. Along with a wide range of information presented in a simple way by trained facilitators – pictures, stories, and video films – we provide sanitary supplies to the youths and adults. Private medical examinations and testing is also provided, along with self-help groups for parents and youths. Our "Aid for AIDS" project caters to HIV-positive parents, so that they can live and watch their children grow.-
• School holiday activities: LLK organized a "Summer Break Club" with the British volunteer organization AVIF.

Brique Zeiner is the Chairwoman of Leben und Lernen in Kenia e. V.(LLK).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.