SEED (Society for Socio-Economic & Ecological Development)

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Ansprechpartner: Jyoti Ranjan Naskar

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Über uns

Started with the fight for land rights of a group of Oraon tribes living in Naktala area of South Kolkata. In the process, these enthusiastic minds formed a small organisation named "Naktala Centre for Socio-Economic Reform and Environmental Conservation" that will work for people, with the people and by the people. Developmental consultants and renowned social workers joined hands and thus the organisation was registered in 1996. In 2001, the organization was renamed and registered under the name SEED (Society for Socio Economic and Ecological Development).
The organisation developed a platform for various social action programmes to alleviate social and economic problems of the people of different regions of West Bengal especially in the peri-urban and remote rural areas with four focus points: Education, Equality, Empowerment and Environment.

SEED is building up capacity to reduce economic vulnerability of climate change by following activities in different sectors of livelihood generation. We are working with more than 700 women SHGs (self Help Groups) and 10 FPGs (Fish Production Groups) covering more than 10000 families in Sundarbans who have been given capacity building trainings in different livelihood activities which are discussed below-
Climate Change Adaptation
• Cadastral Level Survey
• Participation in community fairs to make campaign against coastal pollution
• Installation and providing small infrastructures to combat pollution
• Training on Climate Resilient Agriculture and Aquaculture
• Promotion of use of Solar Energy
• Disaster Preparedness Programme
• Mangrove plantation
• Biodiversity Conservation
• Alternative Livelihood Training for the Prawn seed collectors
• Development of appropriate area specific management plan
Alternative livelihood development activities in Sundarbans
• Climate Adaptive Agriculture
• Pond Excavation and Community Kitchen for the Lodha Community
• Climate Adaptive Aquaculture
• Capacity Building through Training on Nature based Handicraft Item preparation
• Training on preparing Clay Dolls and Batik Printing
• Capacity Building training on Low methane emitting Animal Husbandry
• Literacy Promotion Programme in Slum Areas, Khanaberia village, Dhapa
• Training on Skill Development (Handicraft items and batik printing) and micro entrepreneurship
• Fighting Climate Change through Organic Betel vine cultivation
• SEED organizes Workshop on Nurturing and Conservation of Marine Biodiversity in Sundarban
• SEED organizes Workshop on Climate Change Effects on Coastal Biodiversity of Sundarbans
• SEED organizes "Training on Low Carbon Agricuture" in Sundarban´s Sagar Island
• SEED constructs first ever Non-formal school for Lodha Tribe in Sundarban´s Sagar Island
• Training Programme on Planning of Income Generation Activities
• Health Awareness Camp for villagers in Rudranagar GP, Sagar Island
• Community Kitchen for Lodhas to withdraw Alcoholism

Jyoti Ranjan Naskar is the President of SEED (Society for Socio Economic and Ecological Development).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.