All Youth Development Organization (AYDO)

Box 33398; Head Office (Opposite Kinondoni Muslim Bus Stand)
Dar es Salaam

Ansprechpartner: Frank Focus (FRANK LYAMUYA)

+255 672 720 343; +255(0)737 145 823


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Über uns

All Youth Development Organization (AYDO) starts to operate since the year 2008 but registered in 2010.

AYDO Vision
To be a trusted, committed and prosperous national educator, facilitator and provider of knowledge and skills to young population

AYDO Values
Truthfulness, transparency and accountability, and public mindfulness

AYDO Mission
To ensure right provision of appropriate knowledge and skills which would enable youth to positively contribute on national development

AYDO Pursue this Mission through;
• Promoting a range of seminars, courses and trainings that will make youth realize their naturally endowed resources/potentials plus all social, economic and political opportunities so they can utilize them as an income generating source as a result improve their living standard as well contribute to national development.
• Implementation of integrated sustainable development projects that are community managed, with special concern for youth.
• Information sharing and awareness creation on social, economic and political issues.

Specific objectives of AYDO include:
• To carry out action oriented, youth centered and direct intervention projects/activities like trainings and capacity building geared towards improving youth skills at the grassroots on a sustained basis;
• To unify youth involved on entrepreneurial activities from low level up so that they can have a clear platform to discuss challenges they face on different economic sectors;
• By having a platform for rising youth voices on difficulties and challenges they face, as a result to be a better way of collecting ideas on how to tackle those agenda;
• To facilitate poverty eradication, environmental protection and reduction of different social agendas through development of entrepreneurial activities.

Frank Focus (FRANK LYAMUYA) is the Contact Person of All Youth Development Organization (AYDO).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.