UWABA Umma Wa Wapanda Baisikeli Dar es Salaam

P.O. Box 90361; Manzese, Sisi kwa Sisi
Dar es Salaam

Ansprechpartner: Elaine Baker-Guni

+255 713652642; +255 715568512; +255 714623774


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Über uns

UWABA (Umma wa Wapanda Baisikeli Dar es Salaam), registered in 2006 as a NGO, is a grassroots campaign group made up of cyclists in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania campaigning for better and safer conditions for cyclists in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, supporting cyclists' rights and promoting cycling as a means of transport and providing cycle safety education

The aims of UWABA are:
• to participate in road planning with the relevant Government and city authorities to ensure that roads include safe cycle lanes,
• to improve the environment and safety for cyclists,
• to assist cyclists to know and exercise their rights and responsibilities,
• to promote cycling as a sustainable means of transport for Dar es Salaam.

• UWABA co-found African Bicycle Network at meeting of cycle organisations in Nairobi.
• Transport Governance workshop
• Training of Trainers in Cycle Safety
• UWABA takes part in pan-African Road Safety Conference in Dar es Salaam
• UWABA teaches cycle safety at Mbondole, Kigamboni and Msongola Schools, and to cyclists in Magomeni. UWABA is well underway in its cycle safety project, funded by Wamba Memorial Fund.
• UWABA organised a seminar with driving instructors from various driving schools. We discussed how to improve education so as to reduce crashes between vehicles and cycles.
• UWABA re-cycle project: UWABA has entered into a partnership with Re~Cycle a UK based NGO which provides bicycles to organisations in Africa. A bicycle mechanic from the UK who works for Re~Cycle, has travelled to Tanzania and provided bicycle mechanic training to 15 UWABA members for two weeks
• Moving Planet Cycle Caravan: Objectives are to promote cycling as a sustainable means of urban transport, raise awareness about climate change and join thousands of cyclists around the world cycling for solutions to climate change on the same day.

Elaine Baker-Guni is the Secretary of UWABA.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Cycle Caravan 10/10/10
Participants of ABN meeting.
Bike mechanics receiving certificates.
Cycle caravane 2010.
Cycle safety training in Kigamboni School.
Nyerere cycling a bicycle.
Participants in Ride Planet Earth cycle.
Bicycle parking in Mlimani City