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Tamarapalli-via. Narsannapeta
532421-AP Srikakulam

Ansprechpartner: Paul, Ch.


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Über uns

LEAD TRUST is working for the development of tribal and rural down trodden and oppressed communities in the district of Srikakulam in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The main fields are:
- Education - child development
- Health - family and community
- Eradication of superstitions - community education and awareness programme
- National integration at village level
- Socio-economical development, agriculture & income generation.

In respect of caste and creed LEAD TRUST is working among the rural and tribal communities. The LEAD TRUST shall undertake all types of charitable activies.

Here are only some of their specific objectives:
- Helping in the education of poor students by providing schools, free boarding and lodging etc.
- Helping the orphans by providing shelter at orphanages and providing necessary help for their economic up liftment.
- Rendering medical care to children and public.
- Conducting health education and health camps at village level.
- Providing technical education programmes.
- Training the youth, the students and the women in the fields of national construction, empowerment, energy development, environmental protection, cleanliness, sanitation, child care, nutrition.
- Training and promoting community development activities as self help programmes.
- Providing welfare services to the physically handicapped and mentally handicapped.

Your help would be a grate boon to this underdeveloping area.

Ch. Paul, studied post graduation in social work, is the director of LEAD TRUST since 1996.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities, deliver a lecture or establish new contacts in the field of our work.