Pet & Lisa Organization Ghana (PLOG GHANA)

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Plog Ghana has acquired 41 acres of land to build an ultramodern Educational, Skill Training and an All Sports training facility. It is aimed at making vulnerable children, youth and families become entrepreneurs, skilled persons and to build a better future for them. WE NEED PARTNERS, FUNDERS, COLLABORATORS, VOLUNTEERS, FUNDRAISERS ETC to make our great dream a reality.

Über uns

Pet & Lisa Organization Ghana (PLOG), a registered Non-Governmental Organization founded in January, 2011 in Ghana by Peter(Pet) and Lisa in the quest to give support/assistance, education, enforce human rights & justice for children, youth and women in vulnerable situations living in the rural areas of the Volta Region and other rural communities across Ghana and beyond.
The organization was formerly a Football Development Foundation which saw to the selection and training of poor needy but talented football players. For now, it's not solely about football but children, youth, women empowerment through education, skill training, development of all other sports disciplines etc e livelihood & career development.

Our Vision
Meeting needs & channeling hope to the less privileged children and youth in rural communities in Ghana and beyond. At PLOG, we firmly believe that a better future is not only possible, but achievable. With the cooperation of donors, contributors, volunteers, workers and local people we trust to achieve measurable community developments; with far fewer orphans, street and underprivileged children/youth as well as women in poverty/risky situation.

Our Mission
For now, it's not all about football but Plog has the vision, mission and drive for the development of all other sports disciplines and work with the vocation to recruit, support, educate, empower and establish orphaned, poor, needy, street, rescued & homeless children/youth in their future livelihood & career development and also to empower Women and assist them in all capacity to alleviate their poverty situations.

Priority goals-

Provision of basic & other necessities for the vulnerable
• Provide vulnerable children & youth with food, clothing, health needs etc
• Building of affordable homes for the homeless
• Orphan and foster support

Fostering education in deprived rural areas
• Educating children & youth
• Building of model school facilities
• Provision of educational and learning materials as well as energy
sources and supplies
• Offering of educational scholarship and sponsorship

Humanitarian aid, rights & justice
• Promotion and advocacy on child/youth/women rights
• Humanitarian relief
• Disaster relief
• Hunger relief
• To facilitate the digging of wells, drilling and construction of water boreholes, supply of water filters, sieving nets, purifiers, etc in deprived rural communities.

Vocational training and skill development
• Offer skill/vocational training and micro financing to the youth & women in vulnerable situations
• Assist & support youth who has become school dropouts to be trained and equipped with various skills/vocations
• Empowerment of the youth/women
• Offer career guidance and counseling

Sports development & promotion
• To offer training, skill development & counseling for children/youth in all sports disciplines through the PLOG Sports Academy (PSA)
• Organizing community sports activities to find talents, nurture and promote them worldwide
• Using sports as a tool in promoting peace and togetherness
• Development of local sports facilities
• Offering of sports scholarships and sponsorship's

Peter and Lisa are Founders and Directors of Pet & Lisa Organization Ghana (PLOG).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work. Volunteers, Donors, Sponsors are welcome to undergo projects with us.

Kids attending our village school (Shalom International Montessori School, Ghana) opened for orphans, the poor and needy in their gallant school uniforms that everybody love to see
Our classroom
Break time at school
Footwear distribution for vulnerable children & families
Volunteer Mitch from Germany
Former classroom, we have struggled a lot in the past years
Our 41 Acres of land meant for the building of an ultra modern educational, skill training and and all sports facility project. We are still looking for funding to begin
Plog Sports Academy (PSA) under 17 team
Clothing items for little girl under our care and sponsorship program
Speech & Prize Giving Day at Shalom International school
Plog Sports Academy (PSA) under 17 team B
Opening of Plog Computer Academy by donor