Save The Marginalized (STM)

P.O.Box 126,
Kabukye, Kamuli District

Ansprechpartner: Paul Bamu

+256782031573; +256 782674935


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Über uns

Save the marginalized (STM Uganda) is a community based non-profit organization with the aim of improving people lives. STM was found in 2007 with a major aim of fighting HIV/AIDS & poverty among the orphan & vulnerable children, youths, disabled and the marginalized in different aspects.

Society free of oppression, suppression, poverty and HIV AIDS

• To bring the dreams of the marginalized into reality and equality among the women and children. and people with special need
• Enable marginalized to realize their rights and reduce inequality through economic empowerment

The objectives:
• To improve the health of people with HIV/AIDS in community but more so the disabled and those who have been affected.
• To enforce gender equality and fight for their rights and implement the work on the ground.
• To improve the life of orphans and those burdened by their Parents
• To improve and protect the environment and the echo system and biodiversity
• Improve the levels of education among the people and improves cheap education
• To improve the welfare and social economic development of elderly women and their orphaned children through provision services.
• Poverty eradication through advanced modern agriculture methods (microfanance)

STM Projects
• Sanitation and hygiene
• HIV/AIDS counseling and guidance
• Youth economic empowerment
• Education: STM offers scholastic materials to needy and marginalized children
• Support Orphanage
• Vocation advance for pwds
• Children and women rights advocacy.
• Micro finance support: STM offers income generating activities to women and people with special need

Paul Bamu is the Project Director at Save the Marginalized (STM Uganda).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.