The Centre for Popular Education and Human Rights Ghana


P.O. Box: TN 1978 Teshie - Nungua Estate
233 Accra

Ansprechpartner: Mac-Darling, Cobinnah



  • Menschenrechte
  • Frauenpolitik/feministisches Projekt
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Über uns

The goal of the Centre for Popular Education and Human Rights Ghana (CEPEHRG) is to build a democratic and accountable organization and to strive for the attainment of equal rights and removal of all forms of discrimination in all aspects of the life of gay men, lesbians and bi-sexuals and to inform, counsel, educate and support people in matters relating to law and health and socio-economic wellbeing.

CEPEHRG works in fields of human rights, democacy / good gouvernance, advocacy, civil activism, counselling, peer education, research and documentation, information dissemination, gender sensitization, HIV/AIDS and sexual orientation.

The organization's aims are:

- to create human right awareness in schools, and the communities at large,
- to sensitize society on gender roles,
- to create HIV-AIDS awareness among the youth and LBGT communities in Ghana,
- to create awareness on young people's civic and political rights and responsibilities,
- to work with governmental agencies to help abolish socio-cultural practices that infringes on people human rights.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the field of LGBT struggle for equal rights and justice.