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Über uns

In the Southeastern tip of Russia, not far from Vladivostok, the last 400 Amur tigers and 40 Amur leopards roam the forests. Tigris Foundation, a Dutch organization founded in 1996, is dedicated to the survival of these endangered cats. Tigris Foundation is a member of the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance. ALTA is an initiative of Russian and western conservation organisations to conserve the highly endangered Amur Leopard and Siberian, or Amur Tiger.

Tigris foundation is involved in the development of new conservation projects and strategies in Russia and raises funds for their implementation.

Almost all projects supported by Tigris Foundation are implemented by our ALTA partners Phoenix Fund and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). Phoenix and WCS have offices in the Russian Far East and China. They provide the local framework for implementing ALTA projects, working closely with many Russian and Chinese agencies. A staff member of Tigris Foundation is based in Vladivostok and is closely involved in project design and strategy development.
The programme of Tigris Foundation and its ALTA partners includes:
• Anti-poaching
• Forest fire-fighting: Seasonal, human-induced fires are a major threat for the survival of the Amur leopard.
• Compensation of livestock kills by leopards and tigers: It is important that the deer farmers are compensated. Compensation will prevent leopards and tigers from being killed and will increase the support for nature conservation in general among the poor farmer communities in Khasan.
• Education (a comprehensive programme): Our education activities focus mainly on schoolchildren. Our activities include: Educational publications, such as booklets, brochures and posters; Banners on (school) buildings with a leopard image and conservation message; Presentations in schools with videos and slides about the Amur leopards and tigers and their conservation; Wildlife festivals; Wildlife essay and art competitions.
• Tiger, leopard and prey population monitoring
• Habitat analysis
• Ungulate recovery projects

Michiel Hötte is the Founder and Director of the Tigris foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.