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Über uns

Founded in 1998, Pump Aid is committed to ensuring some of the most vulnerable communities in sub-Saharan Africa have improved access to safe and secure water, and hygiene and sanitation services. We have worked in Liberia, Zimbabwe and Malawi, providing over 1.25 million people with clean and secure water. Today our work is focused in Malawi where we are dedicated to ending water poverty.

Pump Aid’s mission is to achieve lasting positive change in people´s lives by improving the quality, availability and use of water for communities in need. At the heart of all we do is the central belief that fulfilling the basic human right to safe water and sanitation serves as a vital lever to improved overall health and education outcomes, as well as social and economic opportunity.

• We support poor rural communities with water and sanitation solutions that are sustainable.
• Our technology is simple and easy to use to enable local communities to maintain the pumps themselves at low or no cost.
• Comprehensive hygiene and sanitation support ensures communities can safeguard their health and achieve maximum benefits of their secured water point.
• Improved access to safe water can open several critical areas that Pump Aid also prioritises across our projects and programmes: entrepreneurship, skills training, and community empowerment.

Pump Aid´s current programmes are improving access to safe, sustainable water for rural households in Malawi. Through our partnership with communities we are also safeguarding health through better hygiene and sanitation practises and supporting entrepreneurial approaches to water supply, helping them to move beyond water and achieve lasting empowerment and sustainability.

• Sustainable, safe water for Rural Malawi: We are working with communities to ensure sustainable and secure water supplies and improve hygiene and sanitation practises to save and change lives.
• Safeguarding Health for Generational Change: As part of our core programme, Pump Aid community facilitators have been working closely with villages across some of the most remote areas of rural Malawi, to improve health and sanitation among households. Based on a combination of approaches including Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS) our facilitators guide conversations with communities to help them understand the behaviours that lead to illnesses that cause death, disability and stunted development.
• Market Approach for Sustainable Water Supply: This new initiative will research possible models, trial and test them, and then train and mentor local artisans to equip them with the skills they need to set up viable businesses to build sustainable water capacity.

Matt Bloomer is the Partnerships Manager at Pump Aid.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.