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Über uns

SOSTENICA is a registered Socially Responsible Investment company and non-profit, founded in 2001, that promotes sustainable economic, human and community development in Nicaragua through credit, technical assistance and outreach to low income businesses and small farm families.

Providing life-changing loans for Nicaraguan small farmers and business owners and Socially Responsible Investment opportunities for North Americans.

SOSTENICA´s investors and donors provide funds that allow our partner organization, CEPRODEL (Centro de Promoción del Desarrollo Local), to offer credit and technical assistance to small business owners and farmers throughout the Northwest region of Nicaragua.

SOSTENICA promotes sustainable agriculture by working with farmers and University extension programs teaching organic agriculture, integrated pest management, soil conservation, reforestation, and ecologically sustainable practices.

SOSTENICA´s collaborative work integrates environmental and educational projects with financial services, creating a holistic and long-term approach to the alleviation of poverty in Nicaragua. Our loan programs are designed to strengthen Nicaraguan communities.

SOSTENICA affords the productive poor of Nicaragua — small farmers and micro-enterprises — access to credit that would be otherwise unavailable. The combination of thoughtful First World investment and careful socially conscious lending to the poorest creditworthy borrowers of Nicaragua creates an opportunity for sustainable growth.

• Micro Credit: SOSTENICA´s resources, and 100% of our investments, provide much needed micro credit to individual borrowers in the Pacific coast region of Nicaragua.
• Rural Sustainable Development: SOSTENICA provides ongoing grant money to support educational and technical support for rural farmers to improve the financial and environmental sustainability of their farms.
• Agroecology: Through partner organizations in Nicaragua, Mexico, and the US, SOSTENICA has introduced our Nicaraguan partners to the principles of Agroecology.
• Green Building: SOSTENICA supports the construction of much-needed environmental and social housing in Nicaragua, both with financial and technical resources.

Alan Wright is the President of SosteNica.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.