Manjushree Vidyapith Orphanage

TashiJong PO, Dist Tawang
790104 Arunachal Pradesh, Tashi Jong

Ansprechpartner: Lama Thupten Phuntsok

+91-3794-222108, 223965


  • Bildungspolitik/-projekt
  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen

Über uns

Manjushree Vidyapith, named after the Buddhist god of learning Manjushree, is an orphanage and school, located at TashiJong, northeastern India. Its principal Lama Thupten Phuntsok founded Manjushree Vidyapith on the 10th of October 1998. Lama Phuntsok is a Tibetan Buddhist monk from Gyudmed Tantric University. After completing his Nagrampa degree (likened to a PhD) he started the orphanage to fulfill the following needs:

- provide accommodation, food and love to the orphans,
- provide the best possible educational environment,
- culture the logical mind, so the children grow up to be responsible citizens,
- provide a nurturing environment, so the children develop courage & confidence.

Lama Thupten Phuntsok is currently receiving some aid from the Indian army. One girls hostel is currently under construction, but it is coming along slowly due to lack of funds. It is difficult to provide the children with basic facilities and teachers are working on minimum salaries.

To create a supreme educational institution, Manjushree Vidyapith is hoping to fulfill the following aims:

- improve classroom facilities,
- complete the hostel accommodation,
- purchase four computers and a printer,
- upgrade the school to the 12th grade,
- build guest accommodation, toilet facilities and playground,
- open a vocational training centre for sewing, traditional painting carpentry and cooking.

For other net participants we can procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.