Learning disabilities in the Jewish community

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Über uns

jweb is a registered charity, founded in 2011 to create a website which collects all information about learning disabilities in the Jewish community.

How difficult it is for Jewish carers to find out what is available in our community was the starting point of the conversation. The idea of a website was born; one which would detail every Jewish organisation supporting people with learning disabilities and their families in the UK, plus details of events, news and a noticeboard on which people could offer services, goods and anything helpful to other carers. A forum would be integral to the website and there would be a link through to the founders’ other website Netbuddy, a source of practical tried and tested tips from carers and professionals in the learning disability arena.

Our aim
• We wanted to collect all this information into one central website – an interactive resource that keeps on growing as people contribute to it.
• jweb is all about pooling the information from organisations, parents, carers, teachers, and therapists; anyone with first-hand experience of learning disability in our community. It’s a place for finding out what is on offer in your area, what events are coming up, and even selling items no longer used.
• A place for overcoming problems and celebrating successes within a community that understands special needs.

Jweb´s services:
• List of organisations or services, which could support people with learning disabilities or other special needs
• Info-Packs: Topical information, tips and ideas, links to great websites
• Forums: Jwebber's Chat Room (space, where you share questions, stories, suggestions and ideas); Site Champions (Meet the site champions who are looking after the forums and answering questions); Noticeboard (Selling some second-hand equipment, looking for a care-worker, offering your services)

Anna Perceval is the Website Manager of jweb.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.