Manav Kalyan Rashtrawadi Vikas Samiti MaKRYS

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Ansprechpartner: Priyanka Garg

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Über uns

Manav Kalyan Rashtrawadi Vikas Samiti (MaKRYS) is a non-profit, non-government organization established in 2001, founded by people who are striving to deliver the change for the people who are in need for the change to be delivered.

MaKRYS is committed to the empowerment of poor and marginalized sections. The organization endeavors to foster the economic and social development of the marginalized sections of the society with a particular focus on women, youth and children.

We have been working on small funds from various companies and private businesses. Through different types of workshops, the ultimate aim is to empower women, youth and children within their local communities, and help them to take ownership of their lives. A community driven approach, where the training of village volunteers ensures that the project is sustainable, underpins the projects.

• Child Health Survey in Rural Rajasthan
• Switch: IT Training to girls of Rural Rajasthan
• Village Care: IEC & Knowledge dissemination project in Rural Rajasthan
• Right to Information workshops for rural population
• HIV / AIDS awareness program
• Youth Development workshop in Ahmedabad
• Raising Hope: Civic sense and sanitation workshops for children living in difficult environment
• Address the livelihood concerns of street vendor of Jaipur urban area

• Array of Inspired Kala: A project devised to motivate and inspire the importance of underground artistic culture residing in the remotest areas of our country.
• Livelihood conditions: MaKRYS is committed towards improving the livelihood conditions for those in dire need and work towards providing sustainable employment opportunities for rural unemployed youth. Currently the focus area of work under this action is urban vendor population, which has been fighting for its rights and legal stand from many years in past. Taking up this cause has made us realize that atrocities and negligence of law is prohibiting a very large section of street vendors to earn a respectable income and has made them nomads and wanderers with no legal obligation of the state or center.
• Anti Human trafficking has been part of our society form ages, but in recent past its instances has not just increased by the gravity of problems faced by its victims has intensified manifolds. MaKRYS has taken up the cause of girl chid trafficking in Rajasthan in form of a study to be presented to higher government officials for them to lay ample emphasis on the concern and bring about necessary changes in the system to be able to deal with issue in a much more concrete manner and also help other CBO’s working on same issue to reach out to every nook and corner to make the girls of our society feel protected.

Priyanka Garg is the Director of Manav Kalyan Rashtrawadi Vikas Samiti (MaKRYS).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.