The Georgian National Section of EUROSCIENCE

Lubljana Street 21
Tbilisi 0159

Ansprechpartner: Professor George Chakhunashvili

+995 93 337154 (Prof. Chakhunashvili), +995 93 915237 (Dr. Levan Z. Urushadze)
+995 32 348651


  • Umwelt- und Zukunftsforschung
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Über uns

The Georgian National Section of EUROSCIENCE is an official subdivision and representation of EUROSCIENCE (The European Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology) in the Republic of Georgia. It is a non-governmental, non-profit, scientific and educational organization. EUROSCIENCE-Georgia was founded in April, 1998 by a group of leading Georgian scientists. The official status of the National Section was sanetifiened by the Governing Board of EUROSCIENCE.

The main goals of EUROSCIENCE are:

- via EUROSCIENCE to establish close contacts with scientific institutions of various types and individual scientists in Europe,
- study of various problems of science, modern technologies and higher education in Georgia,
- to set up and develop and open forums where scientists, industrials and public benefactors interested in science and technology may listen to the demands of civil society in Georiga, debate and express their views,
- to work actively in the social sciences and humanities as well as in natural and technical sciences and also in modern technological spheres,
- active participation in the projects and programmes and various events of EUROSCIENCE and EUROSCIENCE's Working Groups,
- participation in scientific periodicals of EUROSCIENCE and publish own bilingual Year Books.

Professor George Chakhunashvili is the Chairman of the National Section and representative of EUROSCIENCE in Georgia.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we offer expert guidance through trained staff, give expert opinion, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the following fields: History of Georgia and the Caucasus, the Caucasian politics, rights of scientists in Georiga, environmental research in Georiga, high education in Georgia.