Karama Organization for Women and Children

Deheishe Refugee Camp
Palästinensische Autonomiebehörde

Ansprechpartner: Yasser Al-Haj

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Über uns

Karama (Arabic for dignity) was established in 2002 as a non-governmental organisation situated in Deheishe Refugee Camp, Bethlehem in the West Bank. The organisation works independently and is not affiliated with any political party or movement. Since the outbreak of the second Intifada in September 2000 the inhabitants of the camp have been surrounded by an environment of violence, devastation, poverty, hatred and despair.

In these adverse circumstances Karama's centre in Deheishe Refugee Camp is considered as an oasis which provides a safe haven for women, children and adolescents offering them support and services to excel in many fields. These range from counselling and education to cultural awareness.

Karama Goals:
• To explore and develop women's and children's abilities, skills and creativity.
• To encourage initiatives and self-reliance and create a young leadership.
• To increase children's awareness of their rights and duties.
• To promote positive values in children.
• To encourage voluntarism and collective work.
• To relieve the negative effects and stresses to which the children are exposed.
• To provide children with opportunities for joy, delight, recreation and entertainment.
• To raise awareness of environmental issues and involve them in preserving their environment and to raise women's and children's awareness of the value of their cultural heritage and the importance of its preservation.
• To promote active learning.
• To provide for children a safe location for recreation, which serves as an alternative to the violent streets.
• To strengthen the position of Palestinian women in their society.

Projects and Activities for women:
• Education project
• Women computer course
• Lectures
• English Classes
• Democracy Project, etc

Projects and Activities for Children:
• Creative workshops
• Education and leadership program
• computer courses
• Karama - Newspaper
• Wall-Painting project
• Excursions
• Exchange Projects, etc

Yasser AL-Haj is the Director of Karama.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.