I-Dare for Sustainable Development (I-Dare)

Working with and for youth in comprehensive positive social transformation

P. O. Box 211327; Shmesani, 93 Queen Nour Street, Housing Bank Commercial Complex, Ground Floor
11121 Amman

Ansprechpartner: Suha Ayyash

+962 (0) 796300098; +962 (06) 5679803


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Über uns

I-Dare for Sustainable Development is a non-for-profit & non-governmental Jordanian organisation. As a social venture, the core of I-Dare actions is based on social marketing from early stages of idea development to successful achievement of desired impact. I-Dare believes in youth as the driving force towards development in its comprehensive sustainable concept where social, economic and political dimensions are equally respected. I-Dare exists to be the platform for the voice and efforts of young active citizens in transforming their societies to achieve remarkable success in all their endeavours.

I-Dare´s vision is to become the medium where youth learn dare lead the transformation of their lives and societies.
I-Dare is dedicated to enabling youth to develop & lead the positive sustainable transformation in their communities.

• To integrate social marketing as a vital tool for creating sustainable social transformation
• To unleash the potential, entrepreneurship and creativity of youth
• To enhance youth activism in political, economic and social dimensions

• Social Marketing (social behaviour change)
• Youth empowerment and social activism
• Dialogue: intra and inter cultural/ faith dialogue
• Creativity and innovation
• Volunteerism and employability
• Environment and Sustainable Development
• Sustainable Entrepreneurship (Social & Business)

On the national level:
1. Combating online hate speech in Arabic: it is a project and campaign and the first one in the MENA region. I am the campaign manager. We are raising awareness about online hate speech and how to combat it and also to create a countering narratives.

2.Countering violent extremist: pilot project in Salt city (Baqa governorate) about how to counter violent extremism among youth. This project will be implemented later this year.

3. Establishing structured dialogue between youth and municipalities and now our projects in being implemented in 7 municipalities in Jordan.

On the EuroMed level: we are active since 2008 with Erasmus+ projects and EuroMed Youth IV Programme.

In addition to our programmes with America and Canada; youth and students exchanges.

We also orgnise international working camps on the theme of heritage protection and tourisim promotion on margenalised and poverty pockets areas in Jordan.

For other net participants we can establish new contacts in the field of our work.