International Center for Environmental Health & Development

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Über uns

The International Center for Environmental Health & Development (ICEHD), a non-governmental, non-profit international organization, is committed to promote human health and upholding the right to a healthy environment and development.

Environmental factors play a central role in human health and development. Exposure to harmful agents in the air, water, soil, food and physical hazards emanating from poor environmental practices and inadequate policies on the environment are the major contributors to ill health, disabilities, death and slow pace of sustainable development worldwide. In Africa in particular, more people than ever are victims of environmental conditions that spell grave risk for their health and diminish their quality of life.

ICEHD seeks to build awareness about environmental health and mobilizes people to confront the practices, actions and polices that adversely impact upon their environment, health and quality of life. ICEHD aims at enhancing and strengthening individuals and community´s access to, and participation in the implementation of policies and programs that affect their environmental health and development. The organization has launched two programs to especially assist women and children as the weakest groups within the society.

Aiming to promote and protect women´s right to health, healthy environment and development with particular emphasis on reproductive health issues such as safe and healthy pregnancy, childbirth, care and access to treatment, ICEHD combines research, capacity building and education to enlighten the public and especially women on the impact of environmental concerns on women´s health.

Through its Child Care Program, ICEHD works to secure the protection and promotion of a child´s environmental health, development and total well being, and actively advocates for the eradication of adverse practices affecting children.

Mrs. N. Bowei is Executive Director of the ICEHD.

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.