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Über uns

Climate Healers is a non-profit corporation registered in California, that partners with school clubs, NGOs and tribal villagers to heal the climate crisis on our earth through reforestation. Our goal is to reforest one-sixth of the ice-free land area of the earth so that world CO2 emissions turn negative.

While world leaders have been working on solving global climate change (GCC) for nearly two decades, greenhouse gas emissions have been increasing at a faster pace than ever before. Therefore, we need to implement a grassroots approach to GCC that works. We believe that all solutions to the climate crisis, the sustainability crisis, the population crisis, the species extinction crisis etc. that humanity faces today will be based on inculcating a culture of reverence towards life and our earth. We begin this journey toward such a societal shift by working to regenerate our depleted forests, while combating the climate crisis with the support of the 2 billion people at the bottom of the pyramid, like-minded individuals, especially young adults and NGOs that focus on ecological restoration.

2 billion people burn 1,5 billion tons of wood annually for cooking alone. We provide these wood users with solar cookers free of charge, monitor the usage of these cookers using cell phone technology and the internet, and reward them as the forest regenerates.

We intend to utilize the convergence of 4 factors: the desire of the two billion wood users to uplift themselves, the ubiquitous availability of cell phone signals, the internet skills of our youth and the sizable segment of the affluent community that wants action on GCC and can fund it.

Sailesh Rao is the Founder and President of Climate Healers.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.