Protecting Women and Children Against Violence

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Über uns

Established in 1994, MIFUMI is a not-for-profit organization and registered charity. MIFUMI is an international aid and development agency that has worked over ten years, reducing the burden of poverty by securing basic rights for people living in remote communities of Uganda. MIFUMI supports the needs of and promotes protection for women and children affected by domestic violence and abuse, as well as bride price violations.

MIFUMI has also come up with programs that lead to development in terms of providing support through income generating activities, skills development for people, Fair trade though businesses and building strong support group.

Our Aims:
• To provide pre and primary quality education to rural children.
• To reduce household poverty through the provision of credit and savings facilities to women.
• To promote awareness of and support the rights and needs of women and children, particularly those affected by domestic violence and harmful cultural practices.
• To promote quality of service provision through capacity building both internally and for the partner organisations and improve the infrastructure of mifumi.
• To support the reproductive and sexual health needs of people, particularly women and girls by setting up a modern clinic and maternity unit in mifumi and providing health services to those affected by HIV/AIDS.
• To secure funding to maintain existing and start new projects and maintain adequate staffing.
• To raise awareness of the Mifumi Project's work and development issues in Uganda, to the UK and the International community and the organisations in order to encourage participation, networking and build links.

Key Achievements of Mifumi
• Bride price campaign and referendum
• Feel Free : African Network for the Reform of Bride Price
• Kampala Declaration on Bride Price
• Strengthening Traditional and Local Justice for Women and children
• Feel Free: Young People heading for healthy relationships
• Women and children's Social movement to resist violence and demand justice
• Mifumi Sexual and Reproductive Health Centre
• Mifumi Primary School
• Work with Health
• Work with Police, Court, Probation

MIFUMI Scholarship Fund supports under privileged children particularly in Tororo district, Eastern Uganda.

Mary Wafuoyoo is the Assistant Public Relations Officer of MIFUMI.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.