Voice of children (VOC)

Support & Protection for the Street Children & Vulnerable Families

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EPC 1936 Kathmandu

Ansprechpartner: Krishna K.Thapa

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Über uns

Voice of Children (VOC) is a non-government organization advocating the cause of street and sexually abused children of Nepal. It is established in 2000 with a motive to work for children living/working in the street and sexually abused children.
As VOC believes that family is most important for children, it emphasizes on social reintegration of the children living/working in the street by improving their life skills & capacity for sustainability.
It also focus to protect children from any form of sexual abuse by raising awareness on child sexual abuse and offering legal, social and psychological support to sexually abused children & their families.

VOC states and advocates for the street and sexually abused children to offer them opportunities to develop their full potentials for social reintegration in a caring and protective environment.

• To contribute to enhance the capacity of vulnerable families and communities to provide holistic care and protection to children and keep them away from the street.
• To contribute to provide protection to the children living/working in the street and help them to leave the street life.
• To contribute to build capacities of the children to analyze their situation and plan for future in a sustainable way.
• To contribute for sustainable reintegration of children living/working in the street into their family or in to the community.
• To contribute to reduce child sexual abuse incidences and promote child rights in Nepal.

Street Children Program:
• Prevention project: Family Development; Child Development
• Rescue Project: Outreach; Drop In Center
• Rehabilitation: Preparation Center
• Reintegration: Family Reintegration; Community Reintegration; Economic Development; Foster Family
Program against Child Sexual Abuse(CSA):
• Awareness & Advocacy: Media Campaigns; Developing Awareness Tools; Events
• Capacity Building: Training, workshops & seminars; Coordination & Networking
• Rescue CSA victim: Rescue and Rehabilitate Victims

Krishna K. Thapa is the Director of Voice of Children (VOC).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.