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Über uns

The association for the economic empowerment of women FEMINA CREATIVA was registered in 2000. The organization was initiated by a group of women, active enterpreneurials, who gathered around FEMINA CREATIVA with one small, but very important aim, to achieve a total and qualitative economic independence. Their wish and a need for a further development of efficiency, of gaining more knowledge and a need to associate, was a basis from which FEMINA CREATIVA developed into a non-governmental organization.

In the time of existing and work "the basic", starting ideas transformed according to the recent political and especially economical circumstances. As the idea of entrepreneurship has no institutional support and the economic position of women drastically worsened, its attention turned to the issue of unemployment and to poverty of women. But it never forgets its main idea, to support, to educate and empower enterprising women and to promote women´s human capital and resources. One of its main goals is to encourage women to take an more active role in public life and so in decision making processes, especially in creation of development programs and strategies. Its programmes are:

- capacity building of women in equal opportunities through education and training both in the field of economy and public life,
- empowerment of women for independent implementation and accomplishment of their ideas,
- promoting women´s creativity.

Numerous projects are already settled. Introduction into enterpreneurship, where workshops introduced to them the first steps of enterprising, marketing and management on basic level, with the aim to support their small economic initiatives. FEMINA CREATIVA offered psychological , language and computer workshops. The project women´s forum included activities in six towns, gathering women´s group from these towns of Serbia and Vojvodina with the aim, to promote human rights from gender perspective.

FEMINA CREATIVA takes an active part in the network of women´s organizations in Serbia, but also has good relationships with other NGOs, which are not strictly women´s organizations. FEMINA is also very active on the international level and has good relationship with organizations and networks especially in the CEE/CIS countries.

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, procure expert information, give an expert opinion and establish new contacts in the field of our work.