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Über uns

PRO-VISION is an intermediary, Networking, Research and Capacity building organisation promoted by a team of intervention specialists and working through NGOs to enhance the quality of life of the vulnerable and excluded and to build the community resilience in Tamil Nadu. PRO-VISION catalyses collective self reliance of the excluded and vulnerable through evidence based interventions, human resource development and research in Tamil Nadu, India. It was incorporated as a Trust in 2002.

Collective self reliance of the excluded and vulnerable.

• To promote integrated development of the socially and economically downtrodden people of Tamil Nadu.
• To undertake relief and rehabilitation activities among those affected by natural and man made disasters and strengthen community based disaster risk reduction.
• To promote awareness, train, organise and care people with chronic diseases including HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetics and support their treatment and healthy living. To provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities through surgery, physiotherapy, prosthetic and orthopaedic services and community based interventions. To promote the comprehensive development of the underprivileged children and youth through health, education, life skills and development activities.
• To undertake climate change adaptation and mitigation activities including organic farming and work for environmental sustainability.
• To manage training and teaching institutions, rehabilitation homes and hospices to the differently abled, women, aged, terminally ill and other disadvantaged and vulnerable people.
• To train professionals and students on development strategies, rehabilitation services and other social work practices. To collaborate with development organisations, educational institutions, corporate and governments in India and abroad to experiment and replicate evidence based sustainable strategies and models.

Current Projects
• HIV/AIDS Prevention and Strengthening the PLHIV Network in Tirunelveli implemented by a network of four NGOs with the support of Malteser International.
• Promotion of Treatment Seeking among the PLHIV in Tirunelveli implemented by a network of four NGOs with the support of Collaborative Fund.
• Mobilising Community Response to Issues Related to Climate Change in the Three Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu through a Network of Thirteen NGOs.
• Feasibility Study on Climate Change Adaptation and disaster risk reduction in the coastal zone of three southern districts of Tamil Nadu through a Network of Three NGOs.
• Comprehensive Development of the Tsunami Affected Adolescents in Kanniyakumari District.
• Children Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Centre: This Centre was established by Dr. Juergen Zippel, a child orthopaedic specialist from Hamburg. The centre has been functioning since 21-11-2004. With their ongoing support with effect from April 1, 2016 the centre is managed by PRO-VISION with more emphasis on rehabilitation and training.

S. Johnson Raj is the Chief Executive of PRO-VISION.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.