Voluntary Medicare Society (V.M.S.)

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Ansprechpartner: Dr. Mohammad Maqbool Mir

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Über uns

Voluntary Medicare Society (V.M.S.) of Jammu and Kashmir was established in 1970 as a socio-medical organization dedicated to the care, treatment, and rehabilitation of physically challenged individuals with special focus on the poverty stricken, irrespective of cast, color, creed, and religion.

The Society, with its forty years of experience in the field, came to realize that a physically or mentally challenged person cannot be restored to a condition where from s/he can live independently and resume normal life without comprehensive post health care management. The turmoil of the last twenty years in the state has also lead to a substantial increase in various kinds of disabilities which deserve special attention.

Aims and objectives:
• Establish special schools and rehabilitation centers for physically challenged persons with special preferences to spinal, orthopedic, mental, speech & hearing ailments/impairments.
• Introduce community based rehabilitation.
• Provide preventive, curative, and rehabilitation services
• Institutionalize in-patient and out door program services.
• Utilization of a coordinated approach among Education, Health and Social services.
• Organize training programs, seminars, conferences for medical, paramedical, volunteers and other philanthropists having interest to serve beneficiaries.

Projects and programs:
• Shafaqat Special School: This special school for mentally or physically challenged children with or without multiple disabilities is run by Voluntary Medicare Society. The school provides the following services: Recreational Therapy; Special training for table manners & other social activities; Special Education; Home Management Program; Physiotherapy; Occupational Therapy; Audiometer and Speech Therapy; Annual Activities (training camps, sport days, etc); Developmental Therapy; Vocational Training
• Shafaqat Rehabilitation Center: Voluntary Medicare Society has expanded and added on a full-fledged rehabilitation building which has a gym, physical therapy section, prayer room, dining hall, patient beds, pharmacy, auditorium, hydrotherapy center, and prosthetic wing.
• The community based rehabilitation (CBR) program for individuals with speech and hearing impairment alongside their psychological issues has recently been sponsored by State Bank of India to help those at VMS. The important components of CBR is screening, identifying, assessing, and rehabilitating individuals in need for a period of 2 years.

Future Plans
• Surgical setup: This will provide surgical intervention to patients with spinal cord and other orthopedic injuries, head injuries, micro surgeries, etc.
• Integrated special school and industrial training institution for physically challenged children.
• Play ground for physically challenged children.

Dr. Mohammad Maqbool Mir is the Founder and President of the Voluntary Medicare Society (V.M.S.) of Jammu and Kashmir.

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