Teton Raptor Center

Teton Raptor Center helps birds of prey through education, conservation and rehabilitation..

PO Box 1805, 5450 West Highway 22
WY 83014 Wilson
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Über uns

Teton Raptor Center, established in 1997, is a non-profit organization of conservation biologists, veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators and volunteers, working together to help birds of prey and promote environmental health through veterinary care and rehabilitation, educational programs and conservation research. We are located at the historic Hardeman Ranch, a Jackson Hole Land Trust protected property in Wilson, Wyoming.

Our work has three key components:
• Education - Teton Raptor Center provides classroom and assembly programs for schools, as well as natural history and raptor ecology programs for students of all ages.
• Conservation - Teton Raptor Center partners with wildlife biologists, public land agencies, naturalists, students and community members to protect and sustain healthy populations of birds of prey and raptor habitat.
• Rescue and Rehabilitation - Teton Raptor Center takes in injured, ill and orphaned birds of prey year-round, providing veterinary care and rehabilitation in an effort to return raptors to the wild.

• School-Programs;
• Tours;
• Open Studio-Avian Artist Mornings

• A Genetic Study of Ospreys: a research project to analyze Osprey DNA in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem using novel feather/DNA collection methods.
• Nest Monitoring: A long-term monitoring project for raptor nest occupancy and fledging success of over 35 raptor nests in the southern portion of the Jackson Hole valley.
• The Port-O-Potty Owl Project (Poo-Poo Project): An initiative to retrofit vault toilet ventilation pipes with screens to prevent cavity-nesting owls and other wildlife from entering and becoming entrapped.
• Kestrel Nest Box: Support American Kestrel populations by building and installing nest boxes in your back yard.

Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation of injured raptors is an important part of our mission. We have worked with 24 species of injured or sick raptors, brought to us from throughout the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Most of the birds brought to the Center are trauma patients, either as a result of a collision with vehicles, electrocution from a powerline, or striking a window. We also work with birds that have sustained gunshot wounds, been caught in leg-hold traps set for other animals, or that have been poisoned.

Falcon Camera Project: A falcon´s eye view of the Tetons, and beyond. These amazing photos were taken from a micro-camera that is actually worn on a backpack by our trained falcons.

Amy Brennan McCarthy is the Executive Director of the Teton Raptor Center.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.