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Über uns

Village Volunteers (VV) is a non-profit organization, established in 2003, that works in partnership with rural village and capacity-building programs to support the development of sustainable solutions to community challenges.

Village Volunteers will work to leave a legacy that supports self sufficiency and has a profound impact on the health and welfare of the communities we serve.

Founded in the belief that partnership and advocacy is a key factor in the renewal and healing of areas plagued by poverty, hunger and disease, we partner with communities to reach their full potential through collaborative, sustainable, grassroots approaches to agriculture, health care and public health awareness, environmental conservation, access to clean water, sanitation, education, food sovereignty and security, and economic stability.

Village Volunteers currently partners with non-governmental and community-based organizations run by transformational leaders in Kenya, Ghana, India and Nepal.

• Butterfly Project Scholarships: Creating a Brighter Future for Young Women and their Communities
• Clean Water: Providing Clean Water with Locally Made Ceramic Water Filters
• Environmental Youth Action Corps: Local Advocates for a Healthy Future
• Expressive Arts Therapy: Breaking down the walls of suppression and developing voices and independence
• Kick It With Kenya: Promotes Public Health Awareness, Leadership and Empowerment to Youth through Soccer
• Micro/Social Enterprise Development: Supporting Economic Self-Sufficiency and Technical Assistance
• Moringa Tree Project: The trees provide social enterprise opportunities for rural women´s cooperatives schools, orphan homes and clinics because the fruits, leaves, and pods of these "miracle" trees are considered nutritional powerhouses. The tree is used for food, made into cooking oil, cattle feed, clarifies water, and can make bio-fuel to create enterprises that generates income for rural villagers.
• Orphaned and Vulnerable Children: Providing Education and Nurturing Support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children
• Feed Villages, Sustainable Agriculture: A Model for Healthy, Practical and Sustainable Agricultural Techniques
• Water Hyacinth/Sanitary Pad Project
• Youth Outreach Mentors: Youth Outreach Mentors (YOM) empowers, inspires and educates youth about HIV/AIDS prevention, gender equality and healthy lifestyle practices for HIV positive people.

Shana Greene is the Founder & Executive Director of Village Volunteers (VV).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.