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Ansprechpartner: Vaishali Gharat

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  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen
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Über uns

The MANAV Foundation, a charitable trust formed in 2004, is a non-profit organisation that focuses on issues related to adult Mental Health and Mental Illness.
Our goal is to work towards mental wellness by addressing all issues related to adult Mental Health and to create a society which is “inclusive” and prejudice-free.

Aims & Objectives:
• To offer treatment, support and care to persons affected with a Mental Illness or a personality disorder or any emotional and/or mental condition that has rendered them unable to function
• To provide after care and support to clients of the centre to ensure complete integration within society
• To offer care and support to the caregivers of such persons
• Involving families, rendering therapy and support through the establishment of support groups for caregivers
• To offer counselling to disturbed and distressed adults with emotional problems and to individuals facing coping difficulties
• To encourage the involvement of the community in the cause of mental health by creating awareness and organizing sensitisation programmes in the endeavour to generate and facilitate the use of local employment facilities and resources
• To empower and facilitate the use of already existing resources and services within the professional community by networking and organising publicity for the purpose of sensitisation as well as skill-enhancing workshops, seminars and training programmes.

Our operations:
• Intervention:
The Manav Rehabilitation Centre (MRC): A therapeutic facility for the psychosocial rehabilitation (Manav Rehabilitation Centre) of individuals recovering from mental illnesses. A day care centre focusing on "re-integrating"§ those with Mental Illnesses back into society,
The Manav Counselling Centre (MCC): MCC aims to reach out to those who, not due to Mental Illness, but more so because of temporarily compromised coping skills and capacity, are not able to deal with the demands of their daily lives.
Swayam: The vocational training initiative Swayam focuses on equipping those recovering from a Mental Illness with skills that are vital for a work-place and may be lacking in an individual because of the symptoms of the illness, medication and treatment.
Sahyog: The Sahyog intervention is a support group for carers of those living with a Mental Illness.
Rainbow: The Rainbow intervention is a support group for those who have recovered from a Mental Illness
• Training: We recognise the need for a variety of trained professionals able to respond to the needs of the mentally ill. Thus we provide training to the upcoming Mental Health professionals through internships.
• Outreach and Awareness: This is the mandate that focuses on moving away from mindless exclusion to the mindful inclusion of people living with Mental Illness. Mindsets that currently stem from ignorance, a lack of awareness and sensitivity are broadly targeted through our activities in this sphere.
• Networking: This mandate aims to acquire and make use of resources within the various social communities that are relevant to the reintegration of people with Mental Illness.

Vaishali Gharat is the administration officer at MANAV Foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.