Green Schools Initiative

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Berkeley, CA 94704
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Ansprechpartner: Betsy Bigelow-Teller, Deborah Moore

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Über uns

The Green Schools Initiative was founded in 2004 by parent-environmentalists who were shocked by how un-environmental their kids’ schools were and mobilized to improve the environmental health and ecological sustainability of schools in the U.S..

We believe it is essential to protect children’s health – at school and in the world beyond school – and we work to catalyze and support “green” actions by kids, teachers, parents, and policymakers to:
• Eliminate toxics
• Use resources sustainably
• Create green spaces and buildings
• Serve healthy food, and teach stewardship

We work to engage teachers, parents, students, and administrators in reducing the environmental footprint of their school through hands-on action projects.

Our Strategy
• “Green Schools” Resolutions: Pass and publicize at least 10 school board resolutions (public and private schools) and broader "green and healthy schools” policies in California. We will organize support among parents, teachers, students, school personnel and board members
• Green Schools Pilot Program: We will produce a training model and downloadable “toolkits” for parents, teachers, and school board members for how to catalyze, organize, and implement “green schools” work in their own schools and communities.
• Green Schools Purchasing and Procurement Programs: Develop a program to assist schools with purchasing and procurement of environmentally-preferable products, as part of implementing “green schools” school board resolutions,to both improve the health and sustainability of schools at minimal additional cost and to influence the suppliers and producers of school products by developing the market demand for such “green” products.
• Green Schools Network and Report Card: Monitor and report collective results to show passing and failing grades for progress (or lack thereof) on different environmental health and sustainability topics.
• Green Schools Essays: Produce a series of Green Schools Essays in support of the “Green Schools Resolutions” aimed at parents, school decision-makers, the general public, and the media with persuasive information on (a) how implementing resource conservation and environmental health measures at schools can save money and improve student health and achievement.
• Expand our website – - to become a portal for green schools resources and action, including access to information on school policies and programs, downloadable toolkits for school community organizing, curricula, local organizations and agencies, funding resources, and on-line monitoring and reporting as part of the Green Schools Report Card.

At the Green Schools Initiative, we use a "Four Pillars" framework that integrates efforts to reduce schools' ecological footprints, make school environments healthier, and get the whole community thinking about solutions to the problems we face.

The Green Schools Initiative is a mostly volunteer effort, relying on dedicated parents, teachers, staff, and School Board members to implement green school programs in their own communities. We provide training, support, and advocacy to leverage their efforts.

Betsy Bigelow-Teller is the Communications Coordinator and Deborah Moore is the Executive Director of the the Green Schools Initiative.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.