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Über uns

PROJECTZAWADI is a US-based non-profit organization founded in December 2000. Our mission is to provide educational opportunities within a nurturing environment to orphaned and other vulnerable children in Tanzania so that they become self-reliant and active members of their communities.

Zawadi is Swahili for "gift". The name was chosen to reflect the belief that each child is a gift, and that there is no greater gift than education. Zawadi is also the name of one of the first students to be sponsored by PROJECTZAWADI.

Working with our local partners, PROJECTZAWADI identifies the community´s neediest children and provides them with everything they need to attend and thrive in school, including school uniforms (required to attend school), shoes, textbooks, and supplies. We help provide students with the support of caring adults. We help enrich our students´ educational environment by spearheading and funding projects to build classrooms, desks, teacher housing, and student dormitories, among others.

• Primary: PROJECTZAWADI works with local partners to identify the neediest students and provide: Tuition payments (when required), School uniforms & shoes, Textbooks, School supplies; A promise: If they get high scores, we will help them continue their education as far as they can take it.
• Post-Primary: PZ provides the selected for secondary school students with the finances and tools they need to continue their academic education as far as they can take it. PZ provides students who are not selected to secondary school the opportunity to attend a trade school. Examples of trades PZ students can pursue include sewing, mechanics, driving, and carpentry.
• PROJECTZAWADI "alumni": When our students complete their education, whether after primary school, secondary school, trade school, or university, we work with them for a year to help them make the transition to self-reliance. PROJECTZAWADI "alumni" remain members of the PZ family as role models and mentors for students still in school.
• Construction: PROJECTZAWADI helps local partners enrich students´ academic environments through projects to build classrooms, desks, teacher housing, and student dormitories.

Brian Singer is the President of the PROJECTZAWADI.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of education in rural Tanzania, Coordination of education efforts, vocational training opportunities and community development initiatives.