Pretty Development for Poverty Reduction (PDPR)

P.O.BOX 430, Itunduma Village, Mtwango,
Njombe District, Iringa

Ansprechpartner: Imma Salingwa

+255 7543987178; +255 652556833


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Über uns

Pretty Development for Poverty Reduction (PDPR), established in 2012, is a local (Non-governmental Organization and non-profit making). Situated in Njombe district but operating in whole national (Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland), PDPR base in rural areas of Tanzania, target to serve women, children, youth and marginalized group who are small scale farmers and small business man in Rural areas.
The organization runs its activities through the generous support and participation of individuals and interested global entities partners.
PDPR-works in partnership with rural communities on a wide range of development issues as herby listed agriculture, environmental conservation, capacity building, health, entrepreneurship development, human rights, education, and mainstream cross-cutting issues in projects (HIV/AIDS, gender, drug abuse and globalizations).

Mission statement.
To provide aid on various legal matters based on human rights, support the total encouragement based on environmental conservation campaign, facilitate the promotion of social, economic, and cultural development leading to empower the society with competent technical packages eligible to fight against poverty and ignorance at large and let them fight their artificial but also natural resources available in nurturing their lives.

Activities implemented by PDPR since the establishment are: Children rights and responsibility of societies in Mtwango ward; Essay writing competition to secondary school students on HIV/AIDS; Globalization; Environmental and climate change in Njombe region; Entrepreneurship skills, marketing skills and business skills training services to youth and secondary school students in Njombe and Dar es sallam for the past 15 months.

Current projects:
Health: HIV/AIDS, Reproductive health, drug abuse and STD´S awareness to primary and secondary school students and youths in Mtwango, Igima and Utengule at Njombeand Wards and kawe wad Dar es salaam. This project aim to create youth to be good future generation and leader for providing soft skills and awareness needed to them to ensure they know them self and have self detremination. The beneficiaries are youth between age 10 to 25
• Women and Youth Empowerment: This project target to build capacity rural women and youth in Njombe region for providing mind set, life skills, entrepreneurship skills, marketing skills training and fabric industries, aquaculture, poultry farming and training modern agriculture practices as green house, organic agriculture and to mobilize them to create economic groups and Serving and credit Associations as means of poverty reduction and creation of self employments.
• Sustainable Agriculture: This project target to transform rural farmers of Njombe from traditional means to modern practices to ensure their productivity increase and farmers know about economic diversification and they have extra activities and they use irrigation systems and simple machines to add value of their products.
• Environmental conservation: This project aim to create awareness to rural communities of Mtwango, Kichiwa and Igima ward about the benefit of planting trees, and to create climate change adaptation awareness and we run nursery of trees and we conserve Nyumba Nitu forest (Black House Forest) That traditional forest have many magics and chicken who living in forest.
• Water Solution: Under this project we dig long wells and build dams for collecting water in rain seasons, we use modern technology at cheap cost and low price to our beneficiaries.

Imma Salingwa is the Executive Director of Pretty Development for Poverty Reduction (PDPR).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.