Technology Empowerment Network (TEN)

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Ansprechpartner: Caesar R. Morris

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Über uns

Technology empowerment network (TEN), founded in 2005, is an innovative non-profit organization working to alleviate poverty by bridging the digital divide and addressing the diverse technology issues face by war affected and underprivileged youth, underserved institutions and individuals who currently receives little or no benefit from technology.

TEN goals in general terms are to alleviate poverty and foster development through Information and Communication Technology. We believe knowledge is power and the transfer of knowledge through ICT will empower both institutions and individuals for economic productivity.

Research and experience to a larger extend have demonstrated that ICT have the potential to contribute immensely to every stage of human and economic development. Using ICT as a major tool, TEN mission focuses on delivering ICT solutions that will breach the digital divide, build the capacity & capabilities of underserved institutions,; namely local NGOs and war affected youth mostly girls.

TEN will bridge this divide and extend access to information, technologies and technological skills development; thereby creating an environment where the underserved shall have adequate access to computer, internet, information and training thus; building their capacity for economic productivity.

• Accelerated ICT Training: TEN design this project to build the capacity underprivileged Liberian youth/ young adult with ICT training.
• Computer Recycling
• IT Support: We provide affordable IT Support service to both governmental and non-governmental houses, youth & nonprofit organizations, high schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and churches. The deference between TEN and for-profit ICT companies is that, we use generated revenue for sustainable implementation of our humanitarian operations.
• Special Project UBUNTU: TEN has included open source software distribution and support as a special project. TEN is currently distributing a free Linux operating system called UBUNTU. We do free delivery, installation and training for local NGO`s and Schools. We also offer free delivery to any part of Monrovia.
• E-learning: Online Classes and Online Training
• E-Resource: Useful Soft wares; Free Fax Service and E-Library
• Media Center: Press Releases; Publications and Documents; Photo Gallery
• Jobs and Scholarships

Caesar R. Morris is the Founder of the Technology Empowerment Network (TEN).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.