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Über uns

Shangri-La and Govinda development aid association envisage the creation of an equitybased world in which all people can realise their full potential with full respect to international human rights and dignity. Where people have opportunities to live healthy and secured lives. Our mission is to work for disadvantaged children and community people in order to bring improvement in their lives through four sectors of development: education & vocational training; child-focussed programmes; health; gender equality.

Shangri-La and Govinda development aid association aim to secure the life of orphans, underprivileged and physically disabled children from conflict-affected regions, leprosy-affected people, ethnic and dalit families from rural areas of Nepal and help people achieve self-consciousness, self-determination and trust in themselves by bringing them up into full human potential: empowered, critical and self determined citizens of the nation integrating them as an equal member of the Nepalese society .


SOH - Shangrila Orphanage Home: The new orphanage started in Dec. 2000. Today 51 children have found a new home and a new family here.

SIS - Shangrila International School: This school is a new construction and since its inauguration in 2002 there is a pleasant environment for learning with good equipment (PCs, laboratory, wind & solar power, ...) and modern pedagogical teaching methods. Today there are about 500 students.

SVTC - Shangrila Vocational Training Center: Having a vocational training in Nepal is still rather the exception than normality. To enable the students of SIS to find jobs after their school life they can gain practical experience and get a certificate in several standard professions.

SSDP - Shangrila Sustainable Development Project: By means of a new mikrocredit system the villagers in Jumla and Mughu in Western Nepal are enabled to better their living conditions sustainably and self-confidently.

After prior agreement, we can give expert advice, give an expert report, give a lecture, communicate specialist information and arrange for new contacts in the field of our work.