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Über uns

Fundación ProAves, founded in 1998, is a Colombian non-profit organization that focuses on the study and conservation of our biodiversity, especially birds at risk of extinction and their habitats, in partnership with local communities. Our objective is to support and promote the protection of Colombia's incredible but endangered natural heritage with the ultimate aim of benefiting the planet and humanity.

To protect wild birds and their habitats in Colombia through investigation, directed conservation actions and rapprochement with communities.

Conservation strategy following three main lines:
• Investigation: Establishment of conservation priorities in Colombia; Increase knowledge of avifauna in Colombia, with an emphasis on threatened species.
• Conservation: Establishment, management, and strengthening of Protected Areas focused within the regions of the Alliance for Zero Extinction in Colombia.
• Environmental Education: Provide communities knowledge and participation skills in activities that promote the conservation of habitats for endangered bird species in Colombia.

• Threatened Parrots Project
• Migratory Birds Project: The aim of this project is to monitor and preserve neo-tropical endangered migratory birds.
• Threatened Bird Species Project
• Monitoring Project: ProAves is trying to implement a monitoring system for birds using the standardized methodologies available in Colombia.
• Database Project: ProAves has dedicated its efforts to gather information with an emphasis in the threatened species of Colombia so as to determine the preservation needs that they require.
• Tree nursery
• Reforestation
• Workshops for community
• Reserves network - Reservas de la Sociedad Civil
• Ecological easements
• Women for conservation
Environmental Education
• Bird Friends Ecological Groups: The group is intended for kids and youngsters, where different activities related to environmental education are carried out.
• Bird Friendly Schools: Schools linked to ProAves participate in some activities related to conservation, research and environmental education.
• Parrot Bus: The Parrot Bus is a mobile classroom of environmental education
• Campaigns, Festivals
• Young Researchers: young group of people interested in conservation and research of bird species studied by Fundación ProAves.
• Educational resources as support to the environmental education activities developed by ProAves
• Social Service

Lina Daza is the Executive Director of ProAves.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.