Plant & Animals Welfare Society (PAWS)

A-18, Savitri Sadan, Dr. Mukharji Road, Near Nehru Ground
421201 Dombivli (East), Maharashatra,

Ansprechpartner: Nilesh Bhanage

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Über uns

Plants & Animals Welfare Society (PAWS), founded in 2001, a well known charity establishment in India that protects wildlife and provides medical help to stray animals.

Activities of Society:
• Magic Collar Project: Magic collars sparkle in the dark whenever there is any light focused on them..It will help reduce death due to accidents at night because many drivers cannot see dogs/cats/cattle coming.
• Water Bowl Project for Strays
• Sparrow Homes Project
• PAWS Murbad Rescue Center: In November 2010 PAWS started its own rescue Center located in Murbad City, District Thane.
• Ambulance Service: PAWS responds to public calls to help sick & injured stray animals.
• Sterilizations & Vaccinations: PAWS catches stray dogs & cats from different cities in Thane district and sterilizes them at Murbad Rescue Center and releases them from where they were picked-up. PAWS also vaccinates all sterilized animals, against rabies.
• First Aid & Camps: PAWS Trustees & volunteers personally treat all types of injured stray animals. Some cases are referred back to the Vets on the following day. PAWS also arranges different first aid camps for all types of animals & conducts lectures to teach basic first aid to people.
• Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation: One of the major activities of PAWS is Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation. PAWS has rescued many species that are traded illegally.
• Helping Cattle in Distress: PAWS members regularly respond to cattles in distress. Our municipal areas are now Cattle-free. PAWS also conducts regular camps in slums & village areas for vaccination of Bullocks, Donkeys & Horses that are employed for labour and also holds first-aid & medical check-up camps.
• Adoptions & Re-homing: Innumerable homeless and abandoned animals have been re-homed through our adoption activities. Adoption procedure is carried only after rigorous interviews and complete verification of the adopting family.
• Awareness Programs: With the help of Video Screening, Live talks & interactions, PAWS tries to create awareness about animal welfare among the masses. PAWS also distributes free software about dissection in schools & colleges. PAWS produces pamphlets & brochures on Animal Welfare acts, which are distributed free of cost to interested citizens & volunteers time to time.
• Legal Cases on Cruelty to Animals: PAWS members & Animal Welfare Officers investigate cruelty cases, which includes rescue of exploited animals. PAWS has filed many Police Complaints; lodged FIRs to save animals from cruelty.
• Helping Like-minded NGOs: PAWS also aims to help other like-minded NGOs for the betterment of Domestic as well as Wildlife; Environment and Society. PAWS feels that the animal welfare movement should be spread everywhere across the globe.
• Disaster Management: PAWS helped over 300 sick & distressed animals during Mumbai floods in 2005.
• Research Work, Studies & Inspections: PAWS Thane successfully carried out ´Survey on Captive Elephants of Maharashtra´ in the year 2006 wherein all sorts of Captive Elephants like Circus Elephants, Zoo Elephants, Forest Captive Elephants & Begging Elephants were scientifically studied by the PAWS Team. The survey report was submitted to CUPA Bangalore for further analysis. PAWS also inspected several Circuses, Zoos & collaborated with other institutes to work against cruelty to animals.
• Book Library
• Wildlife Photography Exhibitions & Bird-watching
• Daily Feeding Sessions for Stray Animals

Nilesh Bhanage is the CEO & Executive Director of the Plant & Animals Welfare Society (PAWS).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.