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Über uns

In 2014, a group of committed wildlife conservationists, led by Dr. Madhurita Gupta & Dr. Yuvraj R. Kaginkar, became convinced for wildlife protection, wildlife- human conflicts resolution for securing a better future for wildlife:
The goal of Myvets Wildlife Trust is to protect India’s endangered species and we are committed to welfare of captive wildlife, wildlife conservation and beyond. Myvets Wildlife Trust was conceived as a non – profit wildlife conservation organization based in India. The organization was built to secure efficient conservation.
Myvets Wildlife Trust is founded with an objective to protect & support Zoo´s, Safari´s, National Parks, Wildlife Reserves, & Rescue Centres in Conservation, Education, Research & Development and Recreation.
Myvets Wildlife Trust deploys its wildlife veterinary specialist´s skills for wildlife, marine conservation and education in India with a passion to instill knowledge about wildlife conservation in community.

Our mission
We strive to lead in the invention, development of technology and translate these advanced technologies into value for wildlife conservation.

Myvets Wildlife Trust goal is to support and link India´s conservation initiatives, groups, and other wildlife organizations with the aim of strengthening their capacity, building partnerships and promoting effective communication and co-ordination of conservation efforts.

• Linking conservation initiatives across the continent, and strengthening the networking capacities of research and conservation groups and other wildlife organizations.
• Providing training, support and technical assistance for conservation groups and other wildlife organizations in India.
• Offering scientific technology support for sustainable community projects linked with wildlife conservation.
• Serving as an educational resource centre for the general public, both within and outside of India.
• Conducting on-the-ground conservation projects.

Our work
• Myvets Wildlife Trust is a dynamic wildlife conservation charity organization which takes action worldwide to save and protect wildlife.
• Our emergency wildlife veterinary care team had provided veterinary care to leopards, tigers, elephants, crocodiles and has designed the environmental enrichment of leopard rescue centre at Sanjay Gandhi National Park and gave these leopards a lifetime care in spacious enclosure.

Dr. Madhurita Gupta is the Founder and President at the Myvets Charitable Trust & Research Centre (Myvets Wildlife Trust).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.