Nigerian Child Welfare Fund

P.O Box 409
Warri, Delta State Niger

Ansprechpartner: Omorere, Joshua

+234-53253652 or +234-8033191830


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Über uns

The Nigerian Child Welfare Fund was established in Warri, Delta State Nigeria in the year 1997. It is a non governmental organization working for the welfare of children in its society irrespective of ethnic and religious grouping. It maintains orphanages and takes care of children afflicted with chronic wounds. Its objectives are:

- striving to make the less privileged privileged,
- to support and help people overcome barriers, to have full participation in the society.

Since 1997, the organization has been involved in varieties of activities for the Nigerian child. These activities include:

- assisting orphanages and children homes,
- assisting in footing the medical bills of afflicted children,
- holding parties for the less privileged children during the Christmas, New Year, Easter, Eld-el Kabir and Id-el fitri festivals irrespective of ethnic and religious grouping,
- campaign against teenage parenting, child labour i.e. no child below 15 years should be seen in motor parks as conductors or in market places doing menial/manual jobs or hawking,
- educating the public on vesico vagina fistula,
- enlightenment programme on HIV/AIDS,
- campaign and enlightenment on abortion.

In course of actualizing this humanitarian and noble ideal and in addition to enlightening the public, the organization has hold on yearly basis seminars, workshop on topical and contemporary issues affecting the less privileged with a view to make the society a better place. It holds seminars on child abuse, teenage parenting and abortion, youth restiveness and campaign on HIV/Aids and is about, to set up a vocational training center.

Mr. Joshua Omorere is the president of the organization. He endowed the organization by donating all his time and his resources.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the field of our work. Another supporting possibility is: voluntary workers.