Wildlife Haven

Center for Rehabilitation & Education

59 State Route 598
OH 44827 Crestline
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Ansprechpartner: Jane Schnelker

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Über uns

Wildlife Haven is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1990, dedicated to promoting positive attitudes and behaviors towards wildlife and also to fostering awareness, appreciation and interest in Ohio´s wildlife through rehabilitation, education and stewardship.

Wildlife Haven´s main focus is on the care of injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife, most of which are in trouble due to manmade causes. Each year more than 700 wildlife "clients" are brought to Wildlife Haven where they are provided with professional care and given a second chance at life in the natural world.

Our main goal is to release these animals back into the wild.... we give them the proper food, medical care and housing and raise them with a "hands-off" approach that keeps them as wild as possible so they will have a good chance at survival when returned to their real world.
Many of the animals who arrive at our clinic are beyond help, and others have sustained injuries that will never allow them to live a natural "wild" life again. We help these animals in the only way possible - we euthanize them, releasing them from their fear and from their painfully crippled bodies - ending their suffering and setting their spirit free.

Wildlife Haven presents educational programs to area school, church and civic groups and assists thousands of callers annually with wildlife questions and problems.

Jane Schnelker is the Executive Director of Wildlife Haven.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.