Uganda Children´s Centre (UCC)

P.O Box24127; Plot 392, Salaama-Munyonyo Road, Dubai Zone-Makindye Division

Ansprechpartner: Fred Kakembo

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Über uns

Uganda Children´s Centre (UCC) is an NGO which was formed in 1998 and became officially registered in 2000 typically to address child protection and education of children, women and youth. It addresses social issues faced by disadvantaged out of school children and young people and women hailing from poor urban communities. Among its activities, the education program was established to skill youths and women for employment by promoting vocational training, life skills, entrepreneurial and business management and ensures curriculum addresses labour market skills demanded.

A vibrant self-sustaining Centre of excellence which transforms vulnerable children and young people to society members who are able to contribute to community and national development.

To empower vulnerable children and young people with skills, knowledge and the right attitude through training, psychosocial support and advocacy on child rights for sustainable development.

• To facilitate the development of youth through training in relevant skills and education.
• To advocate for, promote and protect the rights and welfare of orphans and other vulnerable children and adolescents through initiating projects to equip them with skills and knowledge.
• To work with other partners in child welfare activities in a bid to protect child rights in Uganda.
• To minimize the prevalence and incidence of STD/STI/HIV and AIDS among both the in and out of school children and adolescents.

• Vocational Institute: UCC Vocational Training Institute is a private institute directly operated and administered by UCC. Vocational workshops of computer, electrical & electronics, hairdressing, tailoring, carpentry and catering had been established.
• Formal Education: Education Scholarship Project (ESP): UCC, with financial assistance from its partners namely MEM, ETM and FY&F have continued to sponsor children benefiting from its projects to acquire skillful education at tertiary Institutions. As unemployment rates continue to rise among the youth which is significantly due to lack of appropriate market driven skills and funds to foot education training among others, UCC has always provided alternatives by sponsoring less privileged children and young people to acquire vocational skills as well as attaining University education.
• Rehabilitation: Kampala Street and other vulnerable children reinsertion project (KSOVRP): The project´s new design introduced new approaches which increased Centre based activities with the major aim of improving supervision, monitoring and service delivery. A Children´s Centre was constructed and constituted of the following sections namely; the administration block, main hall, sick bay, training workshops, kitchen, library, internet café, dormitories and the caretakers´ house among others. The project scaled up other existing activities namely; the local community sensitization and awareness workshops, health education, care and treatment, home visits, resettlement, and reintegration, social cultural education, psychosocial support, provision of nutrition, basic literacy and numeracy among others.

Fred Kakembo is the Executive Director of the Uganda Children´s Centre (UCC).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.