Conservation Action Trust (CAT)

5 Sahakar Bhavan, 1st Floor, LBS Marg, Narayan Nagar
400086 Ghatkopar (West) Mumbai

Ansprechpartner: Debi Goenka, Shweta Bhatt, Gauri Deole

+91-(0)22 25122422; +91 (0)22 - 25122423
+91 (0)22 - 25122423


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Über uns

The Conservation Action Trust (CAT) is a registered non-profit organization formed to protect the environment, particularly wildlife and forests with a key focus on Mangroves.

The main purpose of CAT is to educate and enlighten decision makers and the public about the importance of forests for our survival. One of the major thrust areas of CAT is advocating the role of forests in protecting the water security of the country while simultaneously acting as major carbon sinks thus mitigating the effects of climate change.

CAT is dedicated to provide assistance in the form of technical information, legal advice, aid and equipment to all those who are confronting environmental problems.

It works closely with the Forest Departments and other NGOs that are fighting to protect nature and natural resources. Current campaigns include actively protecting the Mangroves and Biodiversity in India, looking at low carbon future and renewable energy in India and ensuring that forests are not distributed to appease industrialists and voters.

Our work is divided into following main domains –
• Environmental Protection and Conservation
• Environmental Advocacy
• Environmental awareness and capacity building

Current –
• Clean/Renewable energy project
• Protection of Mangroves
• Satpuda Landscape Tiger Programme (SLTP)
• Protection of Environment of Dahanu Taluka
• Tackling Vehicular Pollution in Mumbai
• Protection of forests of Matheran
• Mangrove Wetland Center, Bhandup
• Revamping of the Nature Interpretation Centre (NIC) at Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP), Borivali, Mumbai

Completed –
• Coal Kills: Health Impacts of Air Pollution from India´s Coal Power Expansion
• Coal Kills - An Assessment of Death and Disease caused by India´s Dirtiest Energy Source
• Survey of Flamingos along Thane creek
• Carrying capacity of Mumbai city
• Think Green - An Overview
• Think Green – Pune
• Soil and Moisture Conservation and Afforestation Project in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh
• Inside India´s Forests - Seeing the Wood for its Trees
• Socio-economic Survey of Local Communities in Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary
• Application for Ban of Diclofenac use as a Veterinary Drug for the protection of Vultures
• Concerned Citizens´ Commission - an Enquiry into Mumbai´s floods 2005
• Capacity Building Workshop for Environmental Activists

Debi Goenka is the Executive Trustee at the Conservation Action Trust (CAT).
Shweta Bhatt and Gauri Deole are Conservation Officers at the Conservation Action Trust (CAT).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.