Sarthak Educational Trust

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Ansprechpartner: Jitender Aggarwal

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Über uns

SARTHAK Educational Trust is an NGO working in the area of disability rehabilitation. It was founded in the year 2008, and ever since its inception, it has been dedicated working towards the empowerment of people with disability.

Our Mission
To generate employment and enhance employability skills.

Guiding principles
SARTHAK believes in sharing whatever it has with itself because it is by sharing that we grow , grow not physically but, grow in the number of people who can be reached, touched, moved and motivated to think beyond their disability.

We, Sarthak team dream for a bigger change in the lives of differently able individuals by providing them a support in different walks of life through early intervention, inclusive education, skill development and employment at a single platform.
And, in this initiative towards making a society marked with equal opportunity, access and roles to everyone, we call for your active support and participation.

Team Sarthak is directed towards creating an environment of equal access to resources and improving opportunities to differently abled individuals at different walks of life. To assure progress in this direction five interlinked activities are carried out at Sarthak centers.

• Skill building: Under the umbrella of skill development, SARTHAK undertakes the following activities: Basic Training Program; Corporate linked Training program; Employability Training program; Rural Training Program; Computer training; Language skills training; Industry linked training; Employability training
• Employment: SARTHAK in its small way has initiated this mission of employment opportunities for people with disability. Employment of people with disability is the only thing that leads to financial independence and this will ultimately lead to empowerment of people with disability. To ensure this, SARTHAK undertakes, three major activities: Job Mapping for People with Disability; In House Placement Openings; Job Fair for People with Disability
• Advocacy: People with disability have been discriminated since ages and only the sensitisation and support of each group will enable them to rise to level of the non- disabled population of our country. The sensitisation has to happen at all levels and with all stakeholders. This will lead to the overall development through their acceptance into the mainstream society. Our activities are: Roundtable on Partnership towards Inclusive Employment; Regional Summit on Sustainable Employment& Stakeholder Engagement Seminar; Parents Workshop
• Early intervention: SARTHAK´s Early Intervention Program aims to identify disability at the initial stages through Baby screening and provide suitable aids and a holistic rehabilitation. This is to ensure that children reach their maximum potential for development in these early years.
• Inclusive education: The intervention has been initiated in 20 schools where about 250 children have been identified with one or more types of disability. It has also been observed that some children dropped out due to lack of accessibility. SARTHAK team is extensively working towards, two aspects: Bringing back the drop outs to school – as the mission is "no school going child out of school"; Inclusion of students to enable each one to be able to match up with other student in the same class

Jitender Aggarwal is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sarthak Educational Trust.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.