Society for Health, Environment and Women's Development

GPO 8975 EPC
2121 Kathmandu

Ansprechpartner: Shree Krishna Maharjan



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Über uns

The Society for Health, Environment and Women's Development (SHEWD) is a non-gouvernmental, non-profit organization working in Thaiba and Chandanpur. Since its founding in 1998, SHEWD has been dedicated to working for the interests of the poor in the community on issues of health, literacy and women's empowerment.

SHEWD is interested in collaborating with community leaders and other NGOs in its programs. Working with community donations, SHEWD organized a free camp for eye treatment in 1999 and currently runs a computer center for the youth of Thaiba and Chandapir. SHEWD is interning two international students at present in its commitment to avail research and learning opportunities to young people.

SHEWD is founded on the following principles:

- helping the poorest residents,
- involving the community in planning, maintenance and implementation,
- making economic participation available for women,
- making safe healthcare available to the poor,
- educate poor youth,
- making available computer training for youth,
- becoming a self-sufficient organization while working on social-welfare.

Shree Krishna Maharjan is the President of SHEWD.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, procure an expert information, establish new contacts and share ideas and information between organizations.