Altruists International

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Über uns

Altruists International is a positive, life-affirming group to promote "altruism" as a viable social norm. "Altruism" is loving others as we love ourselves - the 'golden rule' of most religions. Altruists believes that "altruism" is a suitable positive behind which negatively-defined groups, such as anti-capitalist and anti-globalisation groups could fruitfully align themselves. Altruists was set up in United Kingdom and Bangladesh in 2001 by Robin Upton, an internet consultant, under guidance from Clive Beresford, a community activist.

Altruists believes that to move the world from scarcity into abundance, the biggest changes required are personal, not material. It requires that we, as individuals, take more responsibility for our actions and work how best we can help others. Our goal is to facilitate that, especially by reaching out to friends and over personal relationships.

Altruists' projects tend to be personal efforts to help others as best it can. Like its members, they are eclectic and sometimes unorthodox. It knows that life is more than just a numbers game, and it strongly resists a corporate machine that denies the value of the personal, the emotional, the subjective, and reduces all of life down to a trivial self-maximization exercise.

Altruists is not a protest group - instead it is working to offer concrete alternative ways to exist. Altruists is collaborating with several other networks to create a decentralised, internet-based, reputation-backed gift economy to direct the benefit of altruistic effort towards those of greatest help to others - offering a dynamic which runs directly opposite to the centralised national currencies.

For other net participants we may be able to offer overnight facilities, but some period of notice would definitely be needed. Further we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure an expert information, deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the following field: Altruism, complementary currencies, Bengali typing.