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Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for All

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Über uns

Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for All (IDEA) was the result of a bright idea to educate the underprivileged children. IDEA is a non-profit voluntary organization registered in 2002 and it was conceptualized by a team of qualified and experienced social scientists and social workers, to deal with the problems in education and developmental issues of the marginalized people, realizing the need for adopting a holistic approach to minimize school dropout. Currently the organisation is functioning from Maharashtra. IDEA´s initiatives are focused on the development of underprivileged children, youth and women.

IDEA´s vision is a just society where individuals have access to equal opportunity.

IDEA´s mission is to create opportunities to unprivileged sections of society for their all round development.

Programs and projects:
Skill Development Programs:
• Art & Craft classes. Much more than a simple hobby, art and craft classes can also become an excellent way to develop additional skills.
• Vocational training: In fact, based on the area of interest of the participants, we at IDEA, also host employability enhancement program where young men and women are given vocational training and life skill sessions to aid in the betterment of their living conditions.
Community based intervention:
• Activity oriented Study Centers / Play & Learn Centers / Field Study
School cases Intervention:
• Study Skill Workshops: Study skill workshop for all children & tips on improving their skills on writing examination papers for children appearing in school final classes are found to be very useful activities.
• Strengthening Parent Teacher & School Management Committee Meetings: Awareness programs, sessions on parenting, adolescent issues are part of parent´s teacher meetings. Based on the request from parents, guidance sessions on how to teach or supervise the children in scholastic matters are also conducted.
• Co curricular activities for children
• Life skill education for children
• Counseling services for children and their families
• Capacity building programs for teachers
Sponsorship program: Aid distribution / Life skill sessions / Exposure visits / Science workshop
Women´s Health Programme: Health check up of Women above 40 years in collaboration with Samavedana
Awareness Programmes:
• Disability awareness programme
• Educational awareness rally
• Formation of Self Help Group

Ancy Reuben Stephen is the Resource Mobilization Manager at Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for All (IDEA).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

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