Afghan Australian Development Organisation (AADO)

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Über uns

The Afghan Australian Development Organisation (AADO) is a diaspora-led organisation that has been working closely with impoverished communities in Afghanistan since 2002, founded through the initiative of prominent Afghan-Australian, Dr Nouria Salehi, OAM, following many years privately assisting Afghans to settle in Australia while raising funds to help families in Afghanistan.

Our work:
• AADO provides education and training in Afghanistan for those with minimal opportunities in particular women, to foster sustainable livelihoods and develop professional skills.
• AADO has a proven track record of high outcome, low cost programs which are delivered by local project staff with deep community networks and trusted relationships.
• In the last fourteen years, AADO has implemented numerous projects in Kabul, Herat and Parwan provinces, providing vocational training, basic literacy, in-service teacher training and resources for educational institutions. It has also installed wells and sanitation facilities. AADO helps to empower Afghans by providing opportunities to access education and training, advance sustainable livelihoods, improve health and build stronger communities. AADO also works with women and girls, particularly in rural communities, to improve their access to education, health care and employment, to help overcome discrimination and protect their human rights.

• Life Skills Project: For village women and girls who have not received a formal education due to war, AADO has implemented a 12 month training program that includes basic health, such as hygiene, nutrition and elementary first aid, and life skills including physiology, psychology, human rights and conflict resolution, numeracy & literacy education. After six months, practical training in sewing techniques is incorporated and each participant receives a sewing machine on graduation so they are equipped to make and sell their own clothes and help financially support their families.
• Master Science Teacher Training: Since 2007, in order to reverse the low levels of school completion and university enrolments, AADO has been running intensive In-service Teacher training to fast track the practical classroom training of poorly qualified teachers in the critical subjects of Maths and Science. Through this program we are helping to rebuild the teaching skills of women teachers after a decade of severe Taliban repression.
• Carpentry Training Project: AADO conducts a 12 month Carpentry Training Course in Kabul for young boys who would otherwise be left begging on the streets. These boys attend school in the mornings and carpentry training in the afternoons. After 12 months, the boys graduate and to date all have been immediately employed by local businesses.

Quinn Lovett is the Administrative Officer for the Afghan Australian Development Organisation (AADO).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.