Taita Foundation for Children in Africa

Hunyadi János út 22.
1011 Budapest

Ansprechpartner: Andrea Szegedi

+36 70 264 3145


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Über uns

Taita Foundation for Children in Africa is a Hungarian NGO and was registered by the company court in January 2006. Our foundation was established in order to help Kenyan orphans who live in such circumstances. On the first sight Kenya appears to be a happy and vivid place; however a few weeks later I discovered the real face of Africa that is hidden behind the lovely smiles of the people: poverty, starvation, pain and distress.

Our objectives:
• To provide financial aid and moral support (through volunteers) to Kenyan families who live in the periphery of society, and to children living in orphanages.
• To ensure appropriate health care for the supported children.
• To educate and train members of handicapped families so that they get a better chance to find work in the labor market and to live an independent life.
• To promote African culture and the African people in Hungary.
• To establish and assist contact between Hungarian and African schools.
• The long-term objective of our foundation is to expand activities in other parts of Kenya, and to accept more volunteers to help in our activities in Hungary and Kenya.

• Construction of a cow barn
• Setting up a kindergarten
• Increase in the number of educated children
• Water tank building
• Sponsorship

Andrea Szegedi is the Coordinator of the Taita Foundation for Children in Africa.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.