Care and Share Charitable Trust (CST)

Assisi Nagar, Shanmuganagar West Extn., Uyyakondan Thirumalai,
620 102 Tiruchirappalli

Ansprechpartner: Victor Stanis

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Über uns

Care and Share Charitable Trust (CST) located at Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu is the endeavour of the Franciscan Missionary Brothers (CMSF), established in 2004. It plans, initiates and executes the social projects in the state of Tamil Nadu to provide a better, systematic and scientific approach to social service and developmental projects of the CMSF.

We envision a world where the poor will have equal opportunities to improve their quality of life to end hunger and poverty.

Our Mission:
CST is a non-profit organization that enables impoverished families and communities especially women and children to overcome hunger, sickness and poverty by identifying key needs and provide the tools necessary for empowerment to lead self-sustaining and fulfilling lives.

Aims and objectives:
• To empower women to be key change agents to end hunger and poverty.
• To provide access to the marginalized children decent education; To care, educate and provide opportunities to orphaned, single parent, abandoned and street children.
• To form women into Self Help Groups to take charge of their lives and their future; To provide access to credit, adequate training and initiate savings that will enable women to engage in income-generating activities to increase their incomes to access most basic necessities of their families.
• To reduce infant mortality in the poor communities by promoting effective child development and child survival programs; To reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS among the children and to maximise the length and quality of their life; To create awareness among the public especially people at risk to reduce the occurance of HIV/AIDS and to create awareness to overcome stigma associated with it.
• To make motherhood in the rural areas safer by preventing maternal death; To improve the availability and access to quality health care especially for those residing in rural areas, the poor, women and children.
• To empower children with disabilities and their integration in the community, supported by a change of attitude in the society and the creation of opportunities for self-reliance.
• To establish Children´s Parliaments to promote child rights and to prevent school dropout and trafficking.

Our Programmes
• St.Francis Boys´ Home
• Children´s Parliament
• Supplementary Education Centres: CST to retain the children in the school and to help them to cope up with the pressures of learning at the initial stages sponsors supplementary education through tuition centres.
• Child Health Care Program
• Formation of Self Help Groups
• Blossom Microcredit Programme
• Vasantham Makkal Maligai – Alternate Marketing
• Jeevan Health Care Program
• Jeevan Save A Mother Program
• Capacity Building
• Tailoring Unit
• Integrated Farming
• Hope Rehabilitation Programme
• New Life HIV / AIDS Care Programme
• Project Hope: The main thrust of this project is to create awareness on the prevention and control of STI/HIV/AIDS among the people of Tiruchirappalli district.

Victor Stanis is the Director of the Care and Share Charitable Trust (CST).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.