Foundation of Hope- Uganda (FOHO Uganda)

P. O. Box 1169; Nyendo

Ansprechpartner: Mukasa Epafuladito


  • Hilfsorganisation
  • Bildungspolitik/-projekt
  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen
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Über uns

Foundation of Hope Organization (FOHO Uganda) was born in 2008. It is a community based organization that was initiated as a support group in direct response to the impact of HIV / AIDS, sexual gender based violence and other delinquent deviant behavior among youth and children of our community.

The organization has a simple purpose of restoring hope for the future to children and youth who suffer greatly due to HIV/Aids, Sexual and Gender Based Violence, human rights abuse and other social problems.

Provision of holistic psychosocial, health care, medical and material support to disadvantaged youth and children living with HIV/AIDs and those experiencing sexual gender based violence. The mission also enclosed those at risk to avoid violence among youth couples and prevent further spread of HIV/AIDS in the community.

• To create a youth and children counseling centre that will act as a platform to raise awareness and share information related to HIV/AIDs, sexual gender based violence, health reproductive rights and provide vocational skills all aimed at improving the wellbeing of our community.
• To care and support positive ling youth and children and help them reduce stigma and discriminative attitudes among them,
• To strength the linkage between the health service, law enforcement and legal service in response to child abuse, sexual gender based violence and other social problems.
• To fight child abuse of any kind and support them with psychosocial, material and education.
• To encourage couple counseling and round table discussion in homes on matters related to children welfare, HIV/AIDs and gender based violence to avoid violence in homes,
• To promote safer sexual behavior to enable the teenagers and youth especially young girls/women exploit their potential,
• To support networking and advocacy for the enactment of policies and scaling up initiatives that support equity in service provision to youth and children.
• To support elderly people who takes care of OVCs who are positive living.

Achievements to date:
• Tailoring and embroidery
• 1000 chicken project
• Land where we shall construct the hostel
• Weaving and knitting
• Piglet project centre
• Beads making
• Computer training centre with 5 computers
• Coffee nursery project to help poor women headed families
• Non formal (HIV/AIDS information and life skills)

Mukasa Epafuladito is the Director of Foundation of Hope (FOHO).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.