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Über uns

shareQ is a registered Lebanese NGO dedicated to empower people in need to become self sustainable and live in dignity. shareQ is nonprofit organization dedicated to innovate sustainable social projects and implement them in collaboration with NGOs & Social Enterprises working on the ground in Lebanon.

shareQ´s mission is to promote social activism and capitalize the interrelation between the individuals and the NGOs environments to support the development of a more responsible citizen and enhance the efficiency of NGOs in improving the lives of the people they help.

The fields of our projects can range from online technology, manufacturing, F&B or any other field, as long as these projects are productive and provide a social impact.

• MommyMade by shareQ: Mommy Made project is a catering line that recruits, trains and employs underprivileged mothers and transform them into self sufficient persons and have better lives for their families. Mommy Made is dedicated to cater for academic institutions, companies and NGOs.
• Partner with Awadem: Awadem is an Arabic word which translated to English means "good people". strives to build that Awadem community in Lebanon and all over the world. has the first e-commerce for social good in the Middle East. It´s not just an online store; it´s a community that brings innovative methods in logistics, online retail and funding to non profits and social enterprises whose products and services benefit underprivileged communities. We believe in providing these social organizations a more efficient means to sell their products with a global reach to customers, so that they create more projects, solve social and environmental issues, stimulate the local economies by hiring underprivileged locals and get the country moving.
• Founding Partner in Society for Social Entrepreneurship (SSE) Lebanon: We are a group comprised of NGOs, social enterprises, and individuals who are strongly committed to the promotion and support of social entrepreneurship. We have joined forces to build an effective structure capable of catering to the growing needs of social entrepreneurship and fostering a supportive ecosystem for the sector in Lebanon.

Chantale Saade is the Co-Founder / Financial Manager of shareQ.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.