Diaspora for African Development (DfAD)

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Über uns

Diaspora for African Development (DfAD) is a UK registered Diaspora led non profit organisation whose aim is to contribute to Africa´s sustainable social and economic development through harnessing the potential of the African Diaspora for development.

DfAD believes that African Diaspora´s contribution as agents of Africa´s socioeconomic change should not be measured merely in financial terms, but as inputs of skilled labour and by its ability to build bridges between countries of origin and destination which help stimulate not only economic activity, but transfers of knowledge and cultural and social norms.

Our Vision is for African Diaspora to have greater involvement in Africa´s development and for us to gain wider recognition for the various ways in which we contribute to Africa´s sustainable social and economic development, in both our countries of origin and destination.

• To interconnect Diaspora communities in the UK and communities in Africa to enhance the skills base for the development of Africa, with particular emphasis on Zambia.
• To increase developmental, cultural and heritage engagement for the Diaspora communities in the UK and communities in Africa.
• To build the capacity and alleviate poverty in disadvantaged and marginalised communities in the UK and Africa.
• To increase the communities´ awareness of their impact on the environment and exploitation of natural resources.
• To contribute to the advancement of better Health provisions in Africa and the UK

• Agriculture: DfAD works both strategically and on the ground with the African Diaspora communities in the UK, the local communities in Africa and other stakeholders to contribute to improving Food Security in Africa.
• Policy Influencing: DfAD is actively working to effectively contribute to the shaping of development policies and delivery processes as they relate to Africa´s development. We understand that in order to achieve this aim, we have to master the art of lobbying which is an integral part of engaging policy and decision makers.
• Diaspora Engagement: DfAD believes that collaborative capacity building in the form of partnerships, networks and exchanges of skills and knowledge between the Africa Diaspora and local development organisations in Africa is one of the main ways in which the African Diaspora can contribute to the continent´s sustainable development. Local development organisations need to build and improve their internal capacities if they are to achieve their goals of growth, poverty reduction, and the provision of better services to their communities. DfAD is therefore working to establishment a database of key stakeholders to help facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills into Africa.
• Education: DfAD believes that the African Diaspora has an important contribution to make in improving both access to and quality of education in our countries of origin, and strongly supports the goal of education for all, believing it will ultimately lead to sustainable development.
• Health: DfAD is currently an active member of African Diaspora Action Against Malaria (ADAAM) and Africa UK Health Volunteering and Institutional Partnerships Working Group.
• Enterprise: DFAD believes that sustainable Enterprise Development in sectors such as agriculture and education is key to African development. We have thus designed initiatives that seek to boost trade and innovation in the Africa, by linking local entrepreneurs with Diaspora experts.

Chibwe Henry is the CEO of Diaspora for African Development (DfAD).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.